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We are a movement of young people across Metro Vancouver—united by the urgency we feel to stop climate catastrophe and by a shared vision to exercise our agency, and create a more just and sustainable world. We exist to create space for youth to engage with these issues and lay the foundations for a future that they can look forward to.

Our generation is not only inheriting an environmental collapse, but also this collapse’s cause: a broken worldview where the profit of corporations is valued over peoples’ lives. With our roots in climate striking, we understand the power of coming together to shift public consciousness around what change we urgently need. By using mass mobilization and other tactics to build and escalate our political power, we can achieve this change.

Although deep systemic transformation is our ultimate goal, we recognize that people are being hurt right now—by a system that continually emits greenhouse gases and worsens existing injustices. In order to reduce harm towards those most affected, we are focused on pushing for policies which reduce emissions at a greater scale and speed, while also addressing the dual challenges of the climate crisis and inequity.

Latest Updates

Logo of Climate Education Reform British Columbia.

Climate Education Reform

Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC) consists of students from across so called British Columbia who know that our education system is failing to adequately prepare students for the Climate Emergency.

This is why in their “Reform to Transform” campaign, they are calling for the BC Ministry of education to re-evaluate and reform the way climate change is taught in BC’s K-12 schools. CERBC is determined to see an intersectional and justice driven educational system that creates the next generation of climate leaders who understand the full complexities of the crisis and feel empowered to protect our communities hurt most by climate change.

Climate strikers walking over the Cambie Street bridge in September 2019


In the past two years, we have mobilized hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents in demanding climate justice. Past actions included the Sept 27th Day of Action in Canada, a die-in outside of Teck's headquarters and striking alongside Greta Thunberg.

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